Through a grant-matching program aided by the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations (CFEF), SEF assists teachers and schools in acquiring classroom equipment and technology to educate students more effectively.  SEF has contributed more than $300,000 to Suwannee County School District (SCSD) to aid the growth of students, teachers, classrooms, and curriculum. SEF promotes student literacy and STEM education in SCSD by funding science lab equipment, reading materials, math manipulatives, classroom technology, classroom furniture, garden systems, and various student enrichment projects.

Funds are available to all teachers and employees of Suwannee County School District through the mini-grant application process described below. All funds donated to SCSD have specific purposes as approved by the SEF Board of Directors.

Mini-Grants for Suwannee County Teachers

Every teacher in Suwannee County Schools is eligible to receive a $100 mini-grant from SEF to purchase classroom equipment that will contribute to student academic success. If additional funds are needed, by joining the SEF Payroll Donation Program, teachers can be eligible to receive up to $500 for classroom equipment. Check out these guidelines to learn more, mini-grant-for-teachers_guidelines.

Teachers may apply for a classroom mini-grant by completing and submitting this application, mini-grant-packet-2016-17, to Adrienne Taylor at Alternatively, applications can be mailed to Suwannee Education Foundation, 1314 Pine Ave SW, Live Oak, FL 32064.

Not sure what items to apply for? Check out these popular classroom items.

Mini-Grants for Suwannee County Schools

A principal or vice-principal of any Suwannee County public school may submit an application for up to $1,000 in funding for equipment and projects that affect student achievement or teacher professional development. Check out these guidelines to learn more, mini-grant-for-schools_guidelines.

Principals may apply for a school mini-grant by completing and submitting this application, mini-grant-for-schools_packet, to Alternatively, applications can be mailed to Suwannee Education Foundation, 1314 Pine Ave SW, Live Oak, FL 32064.

SEF Payroll Donation Program

The Payroll Donation Program is a very easy way for SCSD employees to donate to SEF and thereby, become eligible to receive up to $500 in annual funding for non-consumable classroom supplies and school-wide equipment. All individuals who apply for a mini-grant above $100 in value must participate in Payroll Donation. Depending on the level you sign up for, a small donation of $1.00 to $4.00 will be deducted from your paycheck.

Here is a breakdown of the eligibility requirements:

Level Amount per pay period Amount you can apply for
$0.00 (not a member) $100.00 Mini-Grant
Level 1 $1.00 per pay period $250.00 Mini-Grant
Level 2 $2.00 per pay period $300.00 Mini-Grant
Level 3 $3.00 per pay period $400.00 Mini-Grant
Level 4 $4.00 per pay period $500.00 Mini-Grant

All employees who wish to support SEF and the mini-grant program may sign up for Payroll Donation. You do not have to apply for a mini-grant in order to be a member. SEF deeply appreciates all levels of support.

Please complete this form, payroll-donation-form, to become a member of the Payroll Donation Program. You may submit your payroll donation form to Adrienne Taylor at or by mail to 1314 Pine Ave SW, Live Oak FL 32064.